Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use


Cozy Residenze Ltd, with its corporate headquarters at 4 Wole Ogunjimi Street, Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria its subsidiaries including Apartment Royale Hotel and Suites & Cozy Residenze, (collectively, “Cozy Residenze”, “we”, “our” or “us”) provide various websites and apps available to visitors located throughout the world. Without limitation, our websites and apps include this website and other consumer-facing platforms operated under our brands, including www.mycozyresidenze.com and our mobile apps (collectively our “Sites”).

1.0 Our Name

Cozy Residenze Limited also known as My Cozy Residenze and or Cozy Residenze.

We are not known by any other name. We encourage all our guests and potential guests to be vigilant about purchases made on other platforms posing as an agent for Cozy Residenze.

2.0 Website

The use of the website is for those who guests and potential guests. Not for commercial purposes by any third party. By using our website and completing a reservation in person on the website you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.

3.0 Reservation

3.1 Arrival

Our Check-In time is from 1400 (2PM) on the day of the initial reservation. Check-Out is from 1200 NOON.

We ask that you arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before the reservation time on the day your reservation is due to commencement. Unless prior arrangement has been made such as an early Check-In fee has been paid.

3.2 Amendment of Reservation

A reservation extension or change in the dates of your reservation may result in a rate change.

3.3 Cancellation of Reservation

We are sorry to hear that you are considering cancelling your reservation with us.

Should you wish to cancel your confirmed reservation you are required to notify us 48 hours before the reservation is due to commence. A refund of 100% shall apply.

A full charge of the reservation(s) booked if the guest does not show for the booking. Full charge for the reservation(s) if less than 12 hours notice is given.

50% charge if less than 24 hours notice is given.

Following confirmation of approved booking cancellation, a refund will be issued. Please allow up to 5 working days for this to appear back onto the account the initial payment had been issued from.

Admin charge is payable on all refunds. Refunds are subject to unpaid onsite expenses & cost of damages (if any)

The reservation is subject to any government restrictions applicable at that time, thus the reservation can either be postponed or refunded.


3.4 Refund of Reservation

Once a refund has been processed you should receive an email confirming that fact.

Please allow up to 7-12 working days for this to appear back onto the account the initial payment has been issued from. Should this not appear in your account after 12 working days please email hello@apartmentroyale.com referencing your booking number and the platform in which the booking was made.

The remittance of refundable deposits would only be made to the same account from which the payment for the reservation was made.


3.5 Security & ID

It is mandatory for guests to present valid photo identification at the time of check-in.

According to government regulations every person above the age of 18 would be required to present one government issued ID.

Be prepared to show a form of personal identification upon check-in at the hotel. Approved personal ID includes the following:

i. International Passport

ii. Drivers License

ii. National Identity Card

​iii. Voters ID Card

iv: Work Identification Card

Identification Documents (ID) is asked for the following reasons:

i. Federal & Local laws to verify the identity of all our guests. It is the Hotel as well as the Government responsibility to make sure we do not accommodate the wrong persons that could be a threat to other lives or the National Security.

ii. To prevent fraudulent ATM / Credit Card use

iii. In case of property damage

iv. In case of unforeseen situations i.e Sickness or Death

v. If law enforcements request it in an investigation of a crime

vi. As a deterrent to illegal activities such as drug dealing

3.6 Reservations by Third Parties

Reservations made by Third Parties are only valid from prior approval from Cozy Residenze. We will not be held responsible for reservations made by other platforms or 3rd parties. We ask all out guests to always book directly with us and keep a record of any financial transactions made until a confirmation has been received.

4.0 Third-Party Vouchers

We currently have no active third party vouchers. Should there be any issues please notify us immediately as this would not be honoured.​

We will never call you to ask you for your bank details.


5.0 Prices

All prices are inclusive of local VAT & Tax, and are correct as of January 2022 and are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to change our process at any given time. Bookings made online via the website before any price increase will not be subject to the price increase.

We reserve the right to change our prices, product and services without prior notice. For reservations completed prior to a price increase has occurred the new price increase will be adopted to any reservation made.

6.0 Medical Conditions & Health Concerns

Should you have any medical conditions or health concerns please notify a medical professional immediately. Should you require medical assistance contact the Front Desk via your room telephone dialling 100 and request for a Doctor or 999. After which your next of kin would be notified.

Should you have any symptoms of a highly infectious virus such as Covid-19 variants we expect that you are to notify our Front Desk team who can ensure you are isolating appropriately. Should proper isolation protocols not be adhered put other guests and staff at risk, we may request an early check-out.

7.0 No-Show

Failure to appear by 11:59PM on the day of the reservation, your booking would be regarded as a No-Show and you may still be charged for the days booking, as the room was left unoccupied and out of use by another guest.  We reserve the right to withhold the deposit and or a days booking, which ever is greater to act as the holding charge for the unoccupied room.

8.0 Car Parking

Car parking on our premises is free, parking outside of our premises may be chargeable. All drivers and car owners are responsible for parking their car in a reasonable manner to ensure all other guests can park also and to ensure that they preserve all valuable items out of sight. We can not accept the loss of any items left in your vehicle.

9.0 Hotel Etiquette

We ask that guests be considerate of others guests when entering, leaving and transferring around the hotel. To ensure that other guests are not disturbed. Should you fail to adhere to this we may request a room change and possibly, early check-out.

10.0 Smoking Policy

Smoking is only permitted in specific locations at the Hotel and not in the rooms. Failure to comply will incur a penalty of ₦50,000 and result in guests being checked out. All our rooms are Non-Smoking rooms.

Management is obliged to report offenders to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in line with the laws of the land.

11.0 Accommodation Usage

Our apartments are only to be used for the sole intention of Accommodation only.

Should it be determined that the Apartments have been used for usage other than Accommodation such as a Party, Interview, Video shoot, Photoshoot, Commercial Filming of any sort, we reserve the right to address this with the Guest profile. We may request an early check out and or you would be charged the commercial rate.

Please be informed that each of our accommodation units have a maximum occupancy of two (2) people per room, failure to adhere to this would lead to an automatic cancellation of reservation without refund.


12.0 Failure to Comply

For the safety of staff, guests and our property failure to comply with these Term & Conditions will result in guest(s) being asked to Check-Out and being escorted off the premises by Security and the Local Authority.

13. Email Campaign

All our email campaigns are designed to ensure our subscribed users enjoy exclusive benefits to our facilities at Apartment Royale. Should you wish to unsubscribe to these emails, at the bottom of all our emails is the ‘unsubscribe’ link.


13.1 Email Discounts

Some of our emails contain specific benefits and so are subject to being applied at specific times, this could be limited but not exclusive to dates or accommodation type.

13.2 Discount Codes

The use of our discount codes are subject to availability, and we reserve the right to discontinue the use of the discount codes at any time without prior notice. Discount codes are to be used in accordance to the terms specified in the details and conditions provided. Failure to abide by the conditions could see your reservation cancelled without prior notice. All discount codes will end on the respective day 23:59 and are usually valid on reservations made that year.

14. Short Lets

Due to the nature of Short Let accommodation and the heavily discounted rate you would be extended, we request Guests to pay in full a day before their Check-In date. Failure to comply will result in your accommodation being cancelled.

House Rules

  • Guests are expected to dress decently, showing minimal body parts when outside accommodation. Please note that bikinis are strictly prohibited.
  • Parties or large gatherings are not permitted inside the accommodation units.
  • Noise or playing of loud music in any of our accommodations is prohibited so as not to disturb the peaceful stay of other guests and the residential estate at large.
  • Only photography for personal use is permitted in and around the accommodation units.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the accommodation units.
  • Gambling, weapons, explosives, flammable objects, poisons, and drugs are strictly prohibited on the premises.
  • All rooms are non-smoking rooms except on designated terraces.
  • Wearing of bathrobes outdoors is prohibited.
  • Cars without a number plate & dealer number will not be granted access into the property.
  • Guest are encouraged to take care of their properties, as Cozy Residenze will not be held liable for any losses.
  • In the situation that there is a loss or damage of items on our property, the cost of said item would be deducted from the guest’s refundable deposit.
  • Cars without the complete set of license plate numbers & dealer license numbers will not be granted access to the property.
  • Please be informed that all our accommodations have a maximum occupancy of two(2) people per room, failure to adhere to this would lead to automatic cancellation of reservation without refund.
  • All “apartments” are self catering, you can however walk into our restaurant to have your meals
  • Please note that a change in the length or dates of your reservation may result in a rate change.
  • Other meals are to be paid on consumption.
  • We ask that you kindly take note of the following when staying at Apartment Royale:

  • When leaving your room for an outing please take the time to ensure all appliances such as the Air Conditioner is switched off completely via the remote, as this poses a fire risk if left unattended.
  • Avoid leaving any taps running whilst you are not present in the room
  • Do not leave Children unattended in an Apartment or Room
  • Our facilities such as the Swimming pool and Gym facilities are unattended, we request you use the facilities safely, being mindful of others. Should anything be faulty please report to a member of staff
  • Be considerate of others Guests within the Hotel, so all our Guests can enjoy their stay and have a memorable experience
  • Kindly familiarise yourself with the Fire Exits and Assembly point with the maps at the back of all our bedroom doors.